At Jolos, we believe that a job should be an experience that enriches your life. We are a team that values creativity, innovation, and collaboration, and we are always on the lookout for talented individuals who share our passion.

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Why Jolos


Join our team to shape the future of brands and beyond.

We’re a full spectrum creative agency that turns ideas into realities. With our awesome teams in creativity, project management, and design, we’re committed to making each project as unique and memorable as possible. Join the Jolos family for a career beyond a job and experience the difference for yourself.

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    Thanks to Jolos’ thoughtfully selected team, my shy nature wasn’t ever an obstacle to becoming part of the family. I was welcomed with open arms and so much friendliness. And that’s how I ended up finding some incredible people who have become really important to me.

    Maria Brand team. Part of Jolos team since 2019.
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    We’ve had many memorable moments, but one that stands out is when the event is in full swing, and you’re sitting backstage, tired but happy, sipping on a Coca-Cola, sharing silly jokes with colleagues and partners – it’s a whole different feeling. If I were to describe Jolos in one word, it would definitely be a ‘banger’.

    Siim Production team. Part of Jolos team since 2022.
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    Jolos is defined by the fact that we always do more. Our many achievements, including awards in various competitions, stand out to me personally, and it all happens thanks to our “everything is possible” attitude. Already on the first day at Jolos, I knew I was in the right place.

    Mari-Liis Production team lead. Part of Jolos team since 2018.
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    Sometimes I find myself smiling and thinking, ‘How is this my job?’. Whether it’s setting up a living room in the middle of nature, crafting a real snow ski trail in July, or performing live on-air donuts with a Mini Cooper in the snow. These moments truly prove that monotony is non-existent in our agency, it’s a place where everything is within reach – you just need to take action.

    Oliver Production team. Part of Jolos team since 2020.