Our vision is to provide an event marketing service with the lowest environmental impact in Europe, based on scientific methodology. Sustainability is one of Jolos’ cornerstones, which is why we feel a great responsibility to find long-term solutions to environmental challenges in our industry.

To make an appropriate contribution, we appointed an in-house sustainability manager and graduated from Green Tiger Academy (Rohetiiger) development program for management competencies of organizations. As part of the program, we conceptualized sustainability topics from the perspective of the organization’s strategy and business processes, assessed our main areas of environmental impact, and created an action plan.

Case studies

A quick guide to organizing sustainable events

We can help with

  • Measuring the environmental impact* of your event
  • Organizing sustainable events
  • Training people on sustainability
  • Creating a sustainability communication plan

*We conduct a life cycle assessment (LCA) and follow GHG Protocol Corporate Standard.